Engine tachometers hourmeters

1. How to receive of the ignition pulse

  • Our tachometers and hour meters receive the ignition pulse when the ignition coil fires the spark plugs.
  • Put the sensor from the main unit close to a spark plug cable or clamp the included antenna lead on a plug cable.
  • Set the measurement position of the engine being measured.
  • E.g. For a 2-cycle, 1 cylinder or 4-cycle, 2 cylinder engine: P21:42; for 4-cycle, 1 cylinder engines that fire once/rotation as well: P21:42.
  • In cases where the spark plug cables are gathered together, such as with cars, either put the sensor of the main unit close to them, or clamp the antenna lead to one on the inside of the spark plug cable bundle as shown in Photo A. 

Photo A

  • In cases like motorcycles and outboard motors, in which the ignition coil is remote, arrange the antenna lead so it touches all the spark plug cables, as shown in Photo B.

Photo B

2. How to reset (initialize)

  • The method of operation varies by model, so check your instruction manual.

Models PET-302R, PET-304, PET-2000DXR, PET-2100DXR, & PET-3000DXR do not have a reset (initialize) function.

  • PET-3000DXR has an hour count reset function.

3. Troubleshooting

  • See Troubleshooting

4. To gauge a 4-cycle, 1-cylinder engine

  • Normally 4-cycle, 1-cylinder engines fire once every 2 revolutions, but many engines utilize an ignition system that fires once/revolution. (many are small displacement engines)

In such cases, measure from the 2-cycle, 1-cylinder position.

  • As some multi-cylinder engines act the same way, when multiple RPMs are displayed, try measuring from the 2-cycle position.

5. Exchange of the battery

On all models the battery cannot be replaced. When their batteries wear out, the electronic parts inside the main unit are likely to have deteriorated.

6. Inquiries & requests for repairs

When requesting repairs during the warranty period, make sure you have the Model Name, Date of Purchase and a description of the Problem (in as much detail as possible). 

  • The warranty is not valid without the product's warranty card.
  • The product may not be covered by the warranty, depending on the problem.
  • The cost of repairs must be paid if the product is out of the warranty period or not covered.

7. Manuals

You can download the instruction manual for each product. Click on the specific article and then you can go to the item attachment to download the instruction of your product.

8. Waterproof performance


PET-2000DXR, PET-2100DXR, PET-302R, PET-304, PET-3000DXR & PET-3200R

No waterproof

DET-610R, PET-1000R, PET-1100R, PET-4000 & PET-4100

9. An engine that can not be measured correctly

The following engine speeds and operating times can not be measured.


  • Diesel engine
  • Direct ignition mounted engine
  • Multi-ignition engine (ignition multiple times with one cylinder)

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